Fashion month has just gone by but have you ever wondered what actually happens behind all the exceptionally beautiful pictures booming your Instagram feed during the fashion weeks? The real struggle behind all those chic street style pictures? What is it like to attend a fashion show when you are not a celebrity nor an Anna Wintour equivalent? Let me tell you what is it like to attend Paris Fashion Week as a student and a fashion blogger!

1. Constantly running late and literally running with your heels on!



2. Trying to look good even when it is raining! (That’s why everyone is wearing sunglasses!)

Photo Credit: David Nyanzi



3. But when you have 10 photographers around you to get a street style snap, you feel like a star! (Not gonna lie! Who wouldn’t! )




4. You get to go to super brand’s re-sees and try things on that are fresh off the runway, which is pretty amazing huh!







5. In between shows, you would be running to showrooms and picking your outfit for the coming few days!



6. Being a little fan girl when you get to meet the biggest instagramers, like Song of Style and YoyoKula!


7. Nothing feels better than conquering fashion week with your fashion buddy! At least you can talk to your friend when everyone is busy instagraming before the shows start.




Photo Credit: Jocelyn Yih from theboldconcept.com

Article written for Verge Magazine

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