A Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Phulay Bay - Krabi,Thailand

Ritz Carlton has never failed to craft unforgettable experiences for me, no matter where I go. #rcmemories Although I have never heard of the Reserve brand extension before, Phulay Bay offers even more than what I expect. Phulay Bay is a 54-villa and pavilion boutique hotel 30 minutes away from center, just about right to immerse into the nature beauty of Krabi and yet convenient enough to get to anywhere. The completely bespoke and personally-tailed-to-suit experience definitely makes me feel home, in exactly the way I want.

The signature Royal Villa has the most beautiful back garden and bedroom view after all. Facing the sea line and private beach ensures stunning sunrise and sunset show everyday just by lying on the oversized bed and sipping Ritz Carlton Naples Blend. What a dream right! I have always had a thing with beautiful sunset, perhaps its because you don’t get that often in Hong Kong. Sometimes, its just all about the right location, and I promise Phulay Bay is located in the right place to capture all that beauty!

The spa and wellness center of a hotel is almost of most important component of a resort hotel. Ritz Carlton Reserve’s spa has definitely set a higher standard to my overall spa experience. The spa is situated in between teak walkways and surrounded by ponds and planting, leading you into the world of relaxation. The private spa suite overlooking the lagoon is another surprise. With private decked terrace and Jacuzzi surround by bamboo walls, the suite has added sense of romance and privacy on top of its extravagance. Don’t even need to mention the traditional massage technique, the oriental massage is definitely the best of its class. (Well I felt asleep pretty much 10 minutes into the treatment; that’s how good it is!)

If you are looking for a romantic getaway from the crowded beaches in Krabi, Phulay Bay, Ritz-carlton reserve is a perfect place for authentic experience of the villa life.  #rcreserve

Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve

111 Moo 3, Nongthalay, Muang
Krabi, 81180 Thailand

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