"Dior Technologic"

Part of me has always wanted to be Dr Brown (from Back to the future)! Come on, you can't deny that his outfits are somehow cool. Look at his hair! (Sometime) Sleek & all back! And most of all, I want his googles.

And since the futuristic trend has been peeking out of fashion weeks and street style, Jocelyn and I went for the wearable tech/futuristic outfit! Since I cannot have the Lab coat, I am settle for a textured throw on coat and a white mesh dress from Topshop has never disappoint me whenever I want to find something for a particular style. They actually DO have everything. And since we can't have Dr Brown's googles, we will just take the new Dior sunglasses. Nothing says futuristic better than reflective sunglasses. One GOOD pair of sunglasses top your game so much! Be wise and invest in something worthy. The "Dior Technologic" sunglasses is taken right off the runway Summer 2015 fashion show. The silver-tone metal open-worked frame matches mirrored lenses perfectly. You can't get anymore elegant but futuristic with these. 

Sunglasses: Dior Technologic

Photo credit: Jannah


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