Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs - London

Bubbledogs serves hotdogs and pairing with sparkling wine. Whats more interesting, is the kitchen 'behind' this eatery - Kitchen Table. Sitting around a bar fashioned open kitchen, you literally witness the art of culinary in action. From preparation to plating, you kind of learn a lot from this meal. Its a 13 courses dinner and if you are opting for the specials, it is 16 courses. I always think one of the most difficult thing of operating an amazing restaurant is to have creativity & surprises but at the same time keeping the taste intact. And kitchen table is one of the rare ones that fulfil such criteria. All ingredients are freshly picked or planted by the owners and their own farm. Making every dish special for the day. So don't expect coming back for the same dish. But make sure you come with an empty stomach. I couldn't finish everything towards the end no matter how good they are. Although it is a long and expensive meal, I promise...this is worthy every penny.

Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs
70 Charlotte Street W1T 4QG
Tel: 0207 637 7770


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