Noma, Copenhagen - The World's 50 Best Restaurant

Being the 5th best restaurant in the world, Noma emphasises sustainability and inherits forestry elements in its dishes. I came here with great expectation, of course! I wouldn’t say it’s the best thing I have ever eaten in my life, but it was definitely an eye opener, and a wonderful journey. Just like a piece of great art work. it doesn’t necessary to be beautiful all the time, but it has great meaning behind it and thats what brings it to life. Every dish is a craftsmanship of great artwork at Noma. It involves multiple stages of innovation and test before it goes into anyone's mouth. One thing I found really amazing is that they don’t use salt in any dishes. They fermented different kind of paste, think like western miso, and substitute salt with that. That definitely exposes the kitchen to the risk of over/under seasoning (which has happened during my time here), but it also gives all dishes more layers of flavour and room to be innovative. 


Juice pairing is another selling point of Noma. And i have to say it was amazing! I wouldn’t expect 4 glasses of juices could be better than glasses of wine. I think its because Noma’s focus on fresh flowers, vegetables and herbs picked up in forests made juice pairing makes more sense. 

One of my favourite dishes are the famous autumn leaves. The autumn leaves have 4 different kind of leaves with very different texture and flavour. The deep fried branch with fermented ants on it was on point. I was a bit skeptically at the beginning, but I have to say the ants gave the dish magically hint of acidic juice when you bite into it, which compliments the earthy taste of the branch. Simply wonderful. 

Apart from the reindeer moss, i think the desserts are under performed. The potato mash thing just taste weird. But the reindeer moss covered with chocolate was a surprised. It tasted like extra fine thin noodles, but even lighter. The time needed to clean the moss is really long and the fact that every little strang of moss is covered with chocolate perfectly showcases the skills of the chef. 

Overall, it was quite an interesting tasting menu, with all the herbs and ingredients that I have ever thought of seeing in fine dinning scene. After the kitchen tour, I understand more the process and the thoughts that are put into every dish. Seeing how much time these chefs put into creating innovative elements that paint the magical dishes earn more respects from the bottom of my heart.

Strandgade 93, 1401 København K, Denmark