VEA Restaurant and Lounge, Hong Kong Michelin-Star Restaurants

Counter restaurant has been a big trend in 2016 around the world, but Hong Kong hasn't really catch up with this trend yet. VEA is one of the very few counter restaurant in Hong Kong. With the open kitchen, you can appreciate the artwork behind all the beautiful dishes you are going to have. I don't just enjoy the view, I love looking at how chefs deal with ingredients, how they plate, and the atmosphere within the kitchen. The head chef, Vicky Cheng, has previously worked at the world reowned Restaurant Daniel in New York, guaranteeing sophisticated French cooking skills. It is very obvious what Vicky is trying to do here. Infusing French ingredients and cooking method into Hong Kong heritage. The very signature truffle egg and caviar dish is paired with Youtiao (Chinese doughnut/breadstick), which showcases the creativity and the philosophy of the chef. Having the chance to be spoiled by many Michelin Star in Europe, I have always been very skeptical about Western cuisine in Hong Kong. But VEA is a true exception. The thoughts, creativity and choice of ingredients have very much on par with some of my favourite restaurants in London. And the fact that VEA has been awarded Michelin Star in just one year after their opening says a lot about the potential of the restaurant. Is VEA en route to be world best innovative restaurants like Narisawa and Clove Club? That's for us to wait and see. 

198 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong