SAU Clothing - Hong Kong Designer Series

Having grown up in traditional British boarding school since young age, parts of me have been heavily influenced by the British culture. And more interestingly, I look like a typical East meets West girl (apparently). I have always been regarding myself as born and bred in Hong Kong. But whenever I am in Hong Kong, the first question people often ask me is 'Are you a mix?'. 

This part of me has much similarity with the Hong Kong born and bred women's fashion brand, SAU collection. The designer, Cheryl, is born in NYC, raised in Hong Kong but schooled in LA. Her design has strong timeless Chinese elements but manage to strike a good balance between the Chinese tradition and Western modernity. SAU collection is energetic with exceptional cutting that actually empowers young women. Wearing her dress make me feel like a city princess. No matter its the Qipao inspired ALYSSA SILK DRESS or the soft approach to summer dress ADELE HIGH LOW DRESS, SAU has its magical power to boost your confidence. If you ask me to name some Hong Kong brands, honestly, I couldn't. But SAU is definitely one up and coming rising star.

Thank you the talented Jocelyn to shoot this project under the furious summer heat with me! Sweat and dedication have definitely paid off! 

Photography: Jocelyn Yih @TheBoldConcept
Dresses & Evening gowns: SAU

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