Capella Singapore - Cassia, the authentic Cantonese restaurant

Stepping into the colonial-inspired Capella, it doesn’t feel like Sentosa at all. Seems like the classic romantic white estate draws me into a little Bali, a little escape from the busy city. Such traditional design has a rather modern guest rooms, which brings out the speciality of this hotel. To me, a hotel’s dinning offerings have much to say about the quality of the hotel itself. And Cassia certainly did not disappoint. As a girl from Hong Kong, surely I am a bit more sceptical towards cantonese cuisine and dim sum. If Cassia in Singapore pass my test, I am sure it is one of the best in Singapore. The elegent dining salon offers a rather intimate environment for the guest. 

Dimsum Platter S$8
The quality of dim sum really tells you how sophisticated a cantonese chef’s skills could be. Making dim sum is not difficult. But making good ones require years of practise and skills. The deep-fried fish roll is definitely my favourite. Surprisingly fresh ingredient combine with crispy rice paper, it is truly mouthwatering! The steam pork bun is up to good standard, way above my expectation! 
1. 黑松露蚝皇克猪叉烧包 Steamed Barbecued US Kurobuta Pork Bun with Black Truffle
2. 松露鲜菌水晶饺(素)Steamed Crystal Dumpling with Black Truffle and Fresh Mushrooms (V)
3. 金网芝士炸鱼卷(两件)Deep-fried Fish Roll with Cheese, wrapped in Vietnamese Rice Paper

招牌花胶花菇鸳鸯贝炖浓鸡汤 Signature Double-boiled Thick Chicken Broth with Fish Maw, Duo of Scallops and Flower Mushroom Soup S$33

Chicken broth with fish maw and mushroom is another signature cantonese soup. If you have deal with fish maw at home before, you know how difficult it is to handle this ingredient. (At least for me!) This soup is made near to perfection, with fish maw cooked to a good texture and compliment chicken broth in a balanced way. 

Trilogy dessert S$12

I was so surprise to see chinese honey cake in Singapore, because it is such an old dish that not many chefs in hong kong know how to do it anymore. AND it requires a lot of time and dedication into perfecting the honey cake. I guess hard work always pays off, and offering such traditional desserts reassure the authenticity of the restaurant. 

Overall, I have to say the standard of Cantonese dishes in Cassia is rather surprisingly high. The ingredients, the skills and dedication have taken this kitchen to another level. If they can master a good Chinese meal, I am sure their other offerings are equally exceptional. Next time when I come back, I would definitely try out their chef table experience. Where you get you watch your chef cooking for you at this beautiful kitchen, just like watching master chef! Thanks for having me Capella! I am surely looking forward to come back again! 

Cassia, Capella Singapore
1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098297