Restaurant ice Q, Sölden - A James Bond filming location

If I say James Bond, Austria, and snow mountains, what do they remind you of? If you are a die-hard James Bond fan, you would have guessed Sölden, or even Ice Q. Ice Q restaurant is where Daniel Craig walk out of the helicopter in Spectre and going into Ms Coffey’s office to warn her. The famous Ice Q is actually a restaurant opened in 2013 at the peak of the Gaislachkogl in Sölden. Unfortunately, there is no Mr Bond inside, but it does offer stylish gourmet experience. With special restaurants like this, you normally expect everything to be pretty and instagrammable, but taste bad. But that’s surprisingly not the case in Ice Q. I came here twice, because it is simply the best restaurant I could find in Sölden.

 Photo credit: Ice Q Restaurant 

Photo credit: Ice Q Restaurant 

The Ice Q gourmet restaurant is up at 3048 metres, promising the stunning view of the Alps. In order to get to this magical place, you have to take the Gaislachkogl cable car, which has a record time of 12 minutes. (If you have been to ski cable car, you know 12 minutes are super impressive to get up to 3048m!) The futuristic design with the use of glass and steel give the restaurant ultra-modern vibe. But the interior is a complete opposite – local materials, natural stone and wood; giving a warm and cozy feelings to customers. There are 2 levels in the restaurants – the gourmet restaurant and the tapas lounge. I have been both! And why? Because I honestly think they are the best restaurant in Sölden, and definitely beat all the slope restaurants here.

The food here focuses on the ‘alpine cuisine’ and the use of local fresh ingredients. Dishes here are very delicate and you could tell the kitchen has spent time on innovating some of the most traditional dishes. My favourite was the pork cutlet, which infused some Asian elements into the sauce. The desert was also very surprisingly good, the yuzu and mango worked magic! The tapas lounge serves very reasonably priced and yummy tapas set! Perfect for relaxation after a long ski morning! And the terrace outside displays the mountain panorama, and it beauty is just beyond words.

If you are coming to Sölden, I believe you are already planning to visit Ice Q. But make sure you do visit the restaurant. Because I am a picky eater, and it is so difficult to find restaurants that look spectacular, but at the same time it tastes good. And Ice Q is one of the many few places that can deliver both! Thanks for having me Ice Q and Das Central! I would definitely come back! They were really kind to invite me for lunch! But I went back myself the second day to the tapas lounge, because everything here is so promising! 

Restaurant Ice Q
Address: Gaislachkogl Bergstation, Dorfstraße 115, 6450 Sölden, Austria