Hotel Santa Caterina - Amalfi coast, Italy

I believe a lot of us use Instagram to plan our holiday now. And when I searched Amalfi, I still remember how determine I was to make it here when I saw photos of the Hotel Santa Caterina. This 19th century white elegant villa pretty much sums up the beauty of the italian coastal area. Literally every corner here is just too beautiful to be true, words cannot do it justice. The purple flower hanging from the ceiling coordinates with the white chairs and tables in the balcony. I am a massive sucker for sunset. And hell yeah, Italian sunset cannot be anymore perfect. This is literally every couple's dream destination. 

And the most instagrammable corner of this hotel has to be their private beach club. Stepping out of a tiny lift from the lobby, I promise the panoramic view of the Mediterranean sea combine with italian sunshine would be the most stunning scene in Amalfi. I honestly didnt want to go until I felt my sunburnt. 

I am a breakfast person! If you have seen my Instagram, I have a series of #TLSBrunchPerfect photos! So the breakfast a hotel serves is extremely important! I didn't really imagine what kind of breakfast it would be when you are in a traditional Italian hotel. But yes, basically burrata, WIDE RANGE of pastries and cold cuts. Apart from the range of good breakfast, the breakfast location is just unbeatable. If you are staying at Santa Caterina, please wake up early and enjoy the sunrise. Believe me, its magical. 

I didn't want to play with my phone when I was staying in this hotel. Because everything is so perfect and I just want to enjoy the most out of it. I mean I am obsessed with Instagram! :p If this place can make me feel this way, it really worth the visit. 

Hotel Santa Caterina
Address: Via Mauro Comite, 9, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy

Wearing: Topshop one-piece swimsuit