Dior Cruise 2018, Santa Monica

Desert, Hot hair ballon and flat-brim hat, what do they remind you of? Maria Grazia Chiuri surprised us with a cruise show venue that I would never think Dior would ever take. In the picturesque desert of Santa Monica, Dior cruise 2018 was unfolded among romantic sunset and mountain view.

With this setting, it is not hard to imagine what the looks would be like. Embodied pattern, suede fringe and floral would be my best guess. Taking inspiration from the wall paintings in the Lascaux cave, they can be seen everywhere like on the fringe cape dress and the wide-brimmed hats. When I was watching the show on the website, I was imagining myself waring the embodied white maxi dress with exaggerated selves and a white hat walking across the desert to meet my horse. My favourite look has to be the red feather dress. Its like a beautiful phoenix, stretching its wings and flying into the West Wild. And of course, speaking of dressing wild, how could Rihanna not be one of the gurus. With this strong stream of young energy injected into the classy and traditional Dior, I am so excited to how Maria Grazia would find new ways to explore the Dior heritage next time.

Photo credit: Dior 

fashiontania tse