On Location Glam - Makeup & Hairstyle service at HOME!

So i was coming home for my birthday weekend, and I have decided to go for a 70’s shanghai theme for my dinner. I got all my qibao and accessories ready. I was thinking … hmmm it probably won’t be a complete look without having those pin curls hairstyle. If I were in London, I know i have a lot of blow-dry bar where I can get this look. But i am in Hong Kong right now, and choices are very limited

Luckily, I found On Location Glam! As their name suggests, they offer professional and luxurious hair and makeup services to your home, office, hotel, or literally anywhere you want to be! How convenient! They also do makeup and hair updos lessons! So I was so excited to have them complete my look and glam up for my big day! 


Ding Dong! The On Location Glam stylist, Coey came to my apartment and ready to give me a personalised red carpet hair makeover! She has her tools all set up and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate with me! (Super sweet :)! ). The session started with Coey understanding what i am looking for, giving me some inspiration, and come up with a look that fits my theme but also my style! Really like the fact that I don't choose from hairstyle A B C, but its tailored-made experience! 


Throughout the session, Coey was very patient and sharing her hair styling tips! Like how to make the curls stay longer, especially I have very fine hair! Although it look us 1.5hr to finish the look, it was SUPER WORTH the time! It looks stunning and super 70's! 


I was so happy that I found On Location Glam! They did magic on my hair, and completed my Shanghai look! The professionalism and perfectionism of the team are so on point! If you are looking makeup/hairstyle team, they are the people to go! 


On Location Glam